Health Care Vigil for the Working Poor

Sunday, October 2nd, 12:45 p.m. (sign in) to 2 p.m.

West side of Memorial Park, 6005 Underwood Ave., Omaha

Join us for a vigil in Omaha's Memorial Park on October 2nd.
Join us for a vigil in Omaha’s Memorial Park on October 2nd.

Nebraska has a choice to make — we can choose to expand Medicaid, let hard-working people see a doctor, and save lives.

Join us for a vigil to show solidarity with Nebraskans who are struggling without health insurance and to call for our Legislature to expand Medicaid for a healthier future.

During a portion of the vigil, participants will be invited to lay on the ground in a powerful visual tribute to Nebraskans who have died uninsured. Please wear black clothing in reverence and respect for those whose memories we will honor.

Contact Paula Cellar at (402) 763-9957 or with questions.