Bob AmeyBob Amey and his wife, Mary, went through chemotherapy together a few years ago when they both had cancer. “There we were, hanging on. Hanging on to each other,” Bob explains.

A veteran who owned a local repair shop for years, Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer just after starting a new job. To fight the cancer, Bob had a lung removed, but unfortunately, the surgery led to an infection, a long hospital stay, and a big pile of medical bills.

Without affordable insurance, Bob can’t afford his necessary medications and manage constant pain. Like all Nebraskans in a similar situation, Bob isn’t looking for a handout, he just wants to be able to get the medication that will allow him to live his life.

“I’ve got grandkids, great grandkids,” Bob says. “It kills me that I can’t throw a football with my 16-year-old grandson. It kills me I can’t do those things with him. It kills me I can’t take him hunting with me. I loved the outdoors, fishing…that’s all over for me now.”