DSC01340smLaDonna was working full-time and had little trouble making ends meet until around eight years ago when she developed kidney problems that gradually worsened. Her health troubles quickly took a toll on her finances.

“I had so many medical bills I had to file bankruptcy all due to bills from being sick,” she said.

After surgery, LaDonna fought through pain when she returned to work. But when her company laid off over 50 workers, she also found herself jobless.

Being able to get health care shouldn’t mean financial ruin. LaDonna, and many Nebraskans like her, can get health coverage and still meet their basic needs if our Legislature creates an path to affordable coverage for 77,000 Nebraskans who, right now, can’t afford insurance.

For LaDonna, affordable health coverage would allow her to get preventive treatments for breast cancer, one of her biggest health concerns, as well as afford the daily medications she needs while still paying her bills and keeping a roof over her head.

Insuring the Good Life for Nebraskans like LaDonna lets hard-working Nebraskans get the medical care they need while still being able to make ends meet.