Photo by Grace Young Photography

Lincoln resident Paulette Jones receives Social Security Retirement, but these benefits do not provide her with medical assistance.  After her other basic needs are met, she has no money leftover to put toward health insurance.  Despite this, she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, but she also doesn’t make enough money to qualify for subsidies in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Paulette suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain and has trouble sleeping at night.  Some nights, she doesn’t get any sleep at all.  A doctor at a community health center strongly urged Paulette  to undergo a sleep study and get an MRI in order to figure out what was causing her pain and sleep difficulties.  Unfortunately, she can’t afford these tests.  Health insurance would also help Paulette better manage her hypertension. Although a local clinic is helping Paulette some, there are some medications she must pay for herself.

Insuring the Good Life would let Paulette get the proper care and treatment she needs to manage her health issues and re-enter the workforce.  It would change her life.