Sarah Parker and FatherSarah Parker has worked hard throughout her life to try to ensure she could provide for herself and her loved ones. She graduated college in Nebraska and has lived and worked here for more than 20 years.

But, a few years ago, Sarah made a difficult choice. When her father got ill, Sarah cut back her work hours so she could stay at home and care for him. Sarah calls that decision “the best thing I ever did,” but it also meant she lost her health insurance.

Unfortunately, that left Sarah exposed to the high costs of medical care. A hospital stay resulted in a mountain of bills and near bankruptcy as she is looking again for full-time work.

Insuring the Good Life for Nebraskans like Sarah would mean they’re not punished for being both a hard-working employee and a loving caretaker for their family. No Nebraskan should be buried in debt for making such a choice.