ITGL - Tracy copy photoPhoto by Grace Young Photography

Tracy and her husband are part of the thousands of hard-working farmers and ranchers who make up the backbone of Nebraska’s economy. However, they can’t afford health insurance, which is particularly dangerous with the physical demands of a ranch.

“I thought I broke my arm last week working cattle,” Tracy said. “I knew I couldn’t even afford to see the doctor, let alone treat it. Luckily it is healing. We can’t afford to be without it in this line of work but can’t afford the insurance rates either.”

Being uninsured in a problem that hits rural Nebraska hard. A higher percentage of Nebraskans in rural areas don’t get coverage through their jobs or are self-employed. And uncompensated care costs hit our rural hospitals especially hard.

Insuring the Good Life for Nebraska’s ag producers like Tracy means our hard-working farmers and ranchers can keep up their work feeding the country while knowing they can afford to see a doctor when the need arises.